DARYA's outdoor kitchens

No matter if you are a fan of juicy meat that cooks slowly on the barbecue or baking wizards in a hot white oven, our outdoor kitchens are the perfect shell for outdoor hospitality, a natural shell that brings with it an exceptional hospitality experience! We at DARYA Studio invest a lot of time and effort already in the planning stage in order to understand your real needs while going down to the smallest details in order to “tailor” a custom outdoor kitchen for you.

A variety of options - and everything is customized

All our outdoor kitchens are designed according to a bag tailored to your exact needs when the range of options is unlimited.
The path to success is simple: we believe that once there is a perfect match between your desires and choosing the right raw materials, accurate execution capabilities and fast and professional service we are on the right track!

Production process

The lightness and flexibility of our raw materials create a perfect fit and full functionality for any yard, roof or balcony. We produce all the kitchen parts here in the studio using quality raw materials in a meticulous and uncompromising production process, one that will result in a result no less good than perfect and in accordance with the space and needs.
We use a unique concrete with a smooth texture without holes and / or cracks with high durability in all weather conditions.
The clean and elegant look creates an impressive and well-designed kitchen, practical and easy to use.

Full accompaniment all the way

The studio staff accompanies you fully and all the way.
Already at the consulting and planning stage, we will understand together the needs that will help in choosing the location of the kitchen and its dimensions, the required infrastructure, the location of the oven and / or the barbecue, a combination of designed concrete shelves, the choice of colors, etc.
Our team will take care of the installation of the kitchen on the best side while taking care of the smallest details when at the end of the installation you will receive orderly instruction on the maintenance and upkeep of the kitchen.
Upon completion of the installation you will be granted a full warranty certificate.

Fast delivery times

We take care of (quickly) everything!
From the planning and production stage to the execution stage.

Immediately after the production stage (we work fast, have we already said?) A representative on our behalf will contact you to coordinate delivery and installation.

Shall we start work?

The studio staff is just waiting for you! Tell us about your needs, together we will build a detailed plan on the way to the kitchen of your dreams.
Leave a bull and we will get back to you soon.
Also welcome to call- 054-894-0822

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